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Ultrasounds Specialist

Amsterdam Medical Practice

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Sprains, strains, and aches from unknown causes that hide deep within your body are frustrating, but ultrasounds can help identify the exact location and reason for your pain. The state-of-the-art medical technology at Amsterdam Medical Practice in Washington Heights in New York allows their experienced doctors to provide the precise diagnosis needed to create an effective and targeted treatment plan to give you the relief you’ve been looking for. Call or schedule an appointment online so the Amsterdam Medical Practice team can identify the source of your discomfort with an ultrasound.

Ultrasounds Q & A

What is an ultrasound?

Doctors use ultrasounds to get a visual image of areas within the body.

Ultrasounds work with the use of sound waves. Using highly sophisticated medical equipment, doctors can direct sound waves into specific areas of your body to view organs in real time or to create a picture of an affected area.

Ultrasounds can determine the type and severity of an injury or locate the source of severe pain or discomfort. They also can provide information about soft tissues or blood flow.

Are ultrasounds safe?

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, ultrasounds have an excellent 20-year safety record. The non-ionizing radiation emitted by ultrasound equipment is considered to be much safer than other types of radiation that can be harmful with prolonged exposure.

There are no adverse side effects associated with ultrasound treatments. However, the EPA recommends that ultrasounds should be administered by trained medical professionals only when necessary to eliminate any potential risks to patient health.

Why do I need an ultrasound?

Ultrasounds help doctors get a better assessment of the organs, blood flow, and a variety of conditions that can occur within your body.

Sometimes, the images generated by other imaging methods like X-rays don’t show the soft tissues of the body. The images created by ultrasounds are more precise and can identify the site of an internal injury or assess abnormalities inside your body.

Ultrasounds can also give doctors a real-time view of your organs and other soft tissues.  

Because ultrasounds are noninvasive, doctors can use them to quickly, easily, and painlessly diagnose a wide range of conditions and injuries. Ultrasounds can:

  • Identify foreign objects in the body
  • Identify fluid or tears in muscles and joints
  • Diagnose tumors and cysts in soft tissue
  • Diagnose sprains or tears in the ligaments
  • Identify the early progression of rheumatoid arthritis
  • Identify hernias

Get an ultrasound with state-of-the-art medical technology, performed by the experienced physicians at Amsterdam Medical Practice. Call to make an appointment or book one online today.